Film grip carts

Grips work with the camera department and the lighting department to get the right equipment in the right spot for a shot. If the camera is mounted on a dolly or a crane, the grip is the one that moves that dolly or crane every single time in every single take to the exact mark to get the shot. The grip also moves all the light stands to their proper positions so that the gaffer and the electrical department can set up the lighting for the shot. Grips put together the rigging for situations in which lights might need to reach over set walls. And they’re responsible for all the hood mounts, side mounts, suction cup mounts and other mounts needed to attach film equipment to vehicles.

At Applied Trucks and Trolleys we create standard and bespoke trucks, trolleys and carts to support the grip profession – and their heavy and expensive equipment. Reducing the chance of injury or breakages.

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