Within various industries, material handling is required whether this be industrial, commercial, film, marine and office environments. Proper material handling can help businesses eliminate accidents, reduce stress and effort, and minimise the time spent on storage and distribution. 

Ensuring goods handling is undertaken both safely and efficiently, a business must have a well thought-out process and it should train its employees to implement this process effectively. To help achieve this, we manufacture trolleys and trucks can make it easier for employees to move materials around.

We manufacture various standard trucks and trolleys as well as custom built to suit your requirements.

Turntable trailer

Turntable trucks

MRF Fabrications (Southern) Ltd. manufacture a wide range of turntable trucks in standard platform sizes with optional hinged or drop in sides.They are available in five load capacities 500kg, 750kg, 1000kg, 1500kg and 2000kg. All models are highly manoeuvrable, the lighter capacity range have friction plate steering and the extra heavy duty have ball bearing turntable rings.

Industrial Trailers & Timber/Pole Long Load Trailers

Heavy duty industrial flatbed, long load, timber/pole trailers for off road use.Constructed of steel angle & channel sections with ball bearing turntable ring steering. All have  ’A’ frame towbar with 40mm towing eye as standard. The long load, timber/pole trailers have load capacities from 1000kg to 3000kg. Flatbed trailers have load capacities from 1000kg to 4000kg. Optional features such as rear towing hitch, parking brake, linked and ackerman steering are available on request.

Forklift safety cage

Forklift cages

Our 2 man Forklift Safety Cages/Access Platforms are fully welded and are designed to fit most forklift trucks. They have non slip steel flooring with drainage holes, 150mm high kick plates all round and mesh infilled back. The Safety Cage is secured to the forks by means of steel pins and chain. A harness rail is provided at the rear of the access platform and an internal handrail on one side. Finished in safety yellow. Available with inwardly opening self closing gate locked when the platform is raised. The gate is mounted on the side as standard but can be fitted at the front if requested at the time of order.  

Film grip cart

Film Grip Carts

Our range of Grip Trucks, Carts & Trolleys are designed not only for use in the studio but also on location.

For studio use we have trolleys that will fit through standard doorways. 

Film & TV Grips working on location in adverse weather, low light and many times for long hours benefit by having a means of organising and transporting equipment. It not only helps crew members work more efficiently, it can also help avoid costly damage to equipment and the risk of personal injury.

We can also supply made to measure weather proof PVC trolley covers

castor wheel

Wheels and Castors

Wheels, Tyres, Inner Tubes, Bearings & Caps

Should you require replacement wheels or castors for any of our products we carry stock of all the sizes we use. Please contact our sales team if you do not see the item you are looking for as we are able to source wheels and castors from a large number of  manufacturers.



Should you require any spare parts we carry stocks of all the most popular items.

Load retaining straps, handle grips, rubber feet, wheel bearings and wheel retaining caps.

Timber trolley

Custom Built

A significant part of our business now comes from designing & manufacturing custom built equipment. Below are some examples of previous projects such as: Sheet glass trolley, refuse collection trailer, marina trolleys, order picking truck, mobile steps.