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Applied Truck & Trolley Ltd. 32 Holton Road, Holton Heath Trading Park,Poole, Dorset. BH16 6LT Tel. 01202 632210

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Applied Truck & Trolley Limited


Tel. 01202 632210

Call us on 01202 632210

Established in 1974 we use our experience to produce superior quality products in our UK factory

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Flatbed Trucks
Turntable Truck Platform Truck two plywood ends Board and Plate transporter StairClimber Truck Three Way Truck Chair Mover Truck Timber/Pole Trailer Industrial Trailer
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To demonstrate our versatility and capabilities we have a “Custom Built” section which shows a selection of products we have designed and manufactured to meet customers special requirements.

We are always conscious of cost and aim to provide products that represent extremely good value for money without compromising quality.

Applied Truck & Trolley Ltd. are  UK manufacturers and designers of a wide range of handling equipment. Standard, custom built and made to order hand trucks, platform trolleys, industrial trailers, film grip, access platforms, forklift safety cages, sack barrows, stair climber trucks, chair mover trolleys, plate/board trolleys. All our products are manufactured at our factory in Poole for sale and distribution throughout the UK.

Trolleys with Mesh Sides & Ends Platform Truck Sack Barrows Stair Climber Trolleys Chair Mover Truck Board Trolley Trucks with Sides

Trucks, Trolleys, Forklift Cages, Film Grip  & Custom Built

Flatbed Trucks

Trucks with Sides

Mesh Sided Trolleys

Platform Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

Sack Barrows

Stair Climber Trolley

Chair Trucks

Forklift Cages

Industrial Trailers

Pole Trailers

Film Grip Carts

Panel Trolleys

Board Trolleys

Custom Built

Forklift Safety Cage Camera Track Trolley Panel Trolley Large Extra Heavy Duty Turntable Trucks 3000kg Industrial Trailer Timber/PoleTrailer Custom Trailer with Canopy

We welcome enquires and orders by telephone, fax and email.

We have a comprehensive range of products for use in the working environment. These include firm load platform trucks and narrow aisle trolleys. Where turning areas are a problem easy steer balance trucks with their diamond configured castors are the solution. They are all available with a choice of mesh or plywood sides. To compliment these we have a range of sack trucks and stair climber trolleys for delivery and distribution vehicles or use in the warehouse, factory, office, school.

We also have a wide range of medium and heavy duty turntable trucks in a choice of load capacity and platform size with optional plywood sides. For heavier loads choose from a variety of heavy duty industrial trailers on solid or pneumatic tyres. Long loads can be moved with one of our pole trailers.

For order picking and to access racking and shelving safely we have a range of mobile steps and picking trolleys in various platform heights and tread options.

To carry out maintenance at height in a warehouse or factory environment our forklift safety cages are the recommended solution.

A new addition to our range is film grip trolleys, carts & barrows, including camera track trolleys and lighting equipment carts.

Turntable Trucks

Flatbed Trucks

With Hinged Sides

Extra Heavy Duty

Hand Drawn Trolleys

Medium Duty Trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks

Platform Trolleys

Firm Load Trucks

With Mesh Sides

With Plywood Sides

Platform Trucks

Balance Trucks

Easy Steer Trucks

Distribution Trucks

Warehouse Trolleys

Board Trolleys

Panel Trolley

Sheet/Plate Trolley

Industrial Trailers

Flatbed Trailers

Pole Trailers

Timber Trailers

Long Load Trailers

Forklift Cages

Safety Cages

Maintenance Cages

Access Platforms

2 Man Forklift Cage

Heavy Duty Steps

Medium Duty Steps

Spring Loaded Steps

Safety Steps

Warehouse Steps

Film Grip Trolleys

Camera Track Cart

Sack Trucks

Heavy Duty

Medium Duty

Folding Foot

Chair Mover

Stair Climber Truck

Three Way Truck

Rough Terrain Truck

Wheels & Castors


Custom Built

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